Sunday, 29 October 2017

We are like this only

We are a materialistic society. I am saying so because all day and every day I see people which includes me rate persons not on the moral values they possess but on the amount of assets they control. We youngsters cannot get enough of celebrities wearing this and that. With things like the fashion police keeping an eye on us round the clock, it has become so very important for girls especially to be up to date in terms of the latest fashion trends. There are advertisements continuously flashing around us and we cannot help getting tempted to buy them. Our society is far from being moralistic as those who dare to abide by morals are laughed at by people behind their back. Morals are for the weak they say. And nobody wants to be weak. Even the gods do not abide by morals all the time . So why should we? We cannot let go of an easy opportunity which has itself come knocking at our doors just for adhering to morals. My friends, the world simply doesn't function like that. Nobody let's the best man win today. It's I who should win always.
We use every imaginable kind of item for our every body part. We have serums, creams, lotions, toners, moisturisers just for our skin. And the amount of money they cost is an altogether different issue.
We have lipsticks, lip gloss, lip liners all to apply on the lips. Now I would not bore you by reciting the long list of cosmetics we girls and boys too have their own range.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

How to do a perfect ramp walk

1. It's utmost important to look straight ahead.
2. Your hips should sway a little .
3. Leave the hands fully relaxed.
4. Don't put on a fake smile. Smile through your eyes.
5. Strike a pose.
6. Put on loads of attitude.
7. Don't swing your hands too much.
8. Walk in a straight line.
9. Keep the chin up and the spine straight.
10. Never ever look down.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Answering pageant questions-
Hello mam......Hello sir
2. Why are you here?
I am here to prove myself to my family, friends and to the world. I want to show them that I am capable of doing anything and everything I may put my mind on.
3.What is your name?
My name is Gayatri kalita and I am currently studying MBBS in Silchar Medical College.
4.What do you think about Silchar?
I think Silchar has the potential to be a great town. It has an old world charm to it but that is only possible if the government will take immediate measures to relax the heavily congested town  as it is very much polluted and unclean at present.
5.Why are you then studying there?
I got selected in CEE exam and was alloted SMC so I got there by default.
6.What is your greatest strength and weakness?
My greatest strength is my mom who is everywhere everyday every time for me. She pushes me into things and knowing that she is there to catch me if I fall makes me fearless in my endeavours. My greatest weakness is again my mom as  I can be made to done anything, if anything about her is at stake.
7.Why should we choose you?
You should choose me because I think I will make a great Mega Miss Northeast and I have in it me to properly showcase the vibrancy and charm of the North East to the rest of India. I think the rest of our country is still lacking in terms of knowledge about us and I feel I can greatly enlighten them on our culture and traditions.
8.What if we don't choose you?
It's OK then as it's a competition and someone has got to win and someone has got to loose. Not getting selected here doesn't stop my life as I will still have mUch ahead to look forward to. But nevertheless, I will definitely be sad for some days after today.
9.Who is your role model?
My role model are two people. The first is my mom who is a great multitasker and hardworking lady.I love the way she balances between me and my sister who have poles apart personalities. She has imbibed in me the ideals of smart work and diligence which are necessary for success in any field. The next one is Priyanka Chopra whom I greatly admire and adore because of the way she conducts herself around in hollywood. As we know there are people like Harvey Weinsten out there and how to deal with the likes of them is something to learn from her.
10.Who else has come with you?
My mother
11.How will you present SUCCESS, BEAUTY and LOVE in a sentence?
Success is contentment with who you are and what you have achieved.
Beauty is being thoughtful about yourself be it your looks, your IQ, your EQ, everything about you.
Love is being in harmony with whomever and whatever you are in love with.
12.What your greatest embarrassing moment.
Once when I was in class 8 I was called to stage to receive an award for green olympiad and upon climbing the steps I slipped and tumbled over. That was my most embarrassing moment.
13.What do you know about Assam?
Assam is the birthplace of Muga Silk, one horned rhinos, tea and oil. We Assamese people have a rich history of heroes like Lachit Barphukan, singers like Bhupen Hazarika, patriots like Kanaklata.The land of Kamakhya Mata is here. Meeting point of Buddhism Islam and Hinduism Pova Mecca is here. And last but not the least the land of the love of Arjuna and Krishna Chitrangada and Rohini is here.
14.What do you think about Modiji
Modiji is trying to bring the country back on track . He has the support of the entire country behind him . he had done some blunders in the past but that should not bother him and I support him because I support India.
15 And about the Rohingyas
The Rohingyas are unfortunate people. India needs to do everything it can for them. Just like we helped Bangladesh in reattaining it's honour we can help the Rohingyas in reclaiming honour for themselves.
16.Thank you
Thank you.

Monday, 23 October 2017

The wonderboy of Gopichand

The recent win of Kidambi Srikanth at the Denmark open Super Series has again proved the mettle of Pullelate Gopichand ! He is producing champions after champions and the nation is more than proud of him and his disciples . He is known for stressing on the importance of hardwork and devotion which are two key ingredients differentiating an achiever and a non-achiever.
While Srikanth and Sindhu are young and have years of badminton ahead of them, Saina needs to regain her form back sooner than later. Though she will still have a more than significant innings ,  if she retires even now , Indians  would like to see more of her in international platforms . She is aggressive in the court and her attitude shows that she is a fighter and can give any seeded player a tough hand anytime she wants.
She has gained much experience all these years to know how to survive tough conditions and so she is still a good bet for us in the upcoming Olympics.
I only wish her winning many more laurels and making the country a breeding ground of quality sportspersons!

Thursday, 19 October 2017

The magic of Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is my current love . I had first made its acquaintance when I was in my first year at medical school . Food at my hostel was close to being labelled terrible. So, I was in search of something on which I could munch on without gaining any kilos. By now,  I have consumed loads of them and do not plan to end any later.
 Dark chocolate has chemo attractants.  Reasons are many. It has cacao which is a berry not widely found in our country . But all the Indian brands of dark chocolate use cocoa instead of cacao , which is a refined product of the original crop. The refining process decreases the nuritious value of the chocolate. But the foreign brands provide cacao anywhere between the range of 55% to 100%. It is advisable to choose a dark chocolate which has a cacao content above 75% as the amount which is not cacao is generally added sugar. Nevertheless, it has great taste to satisfy my taste buds . It has a good amount of antioxidants to keep me younger for longer. It is not that costly , though it depends on the brand you buy.
So from now on I would recommend everyone to serve dark chocolates in parties and other festivities instead of sweets as dark chocolate is a sweet treat with no calories and guilt feeling.

Diwali , my favourite festival !

Diwali or Deepawali is the festival of lights as we all know. It is widely and fervently celebrated by all communities and by people belonging to every religion . It rightfully breaks through caste, creed , religion and ethnicity barriers to bring all of us together. What makes us Indians await diwali more than any other festival we celebrate?. Is it the phooljharees and anaars? It is the reason for the children. They can't imagine their favourite festival without crackers. For the adolescents, it is new clothes to wear and showing them off to friends. Finally for the adults, it is the long wait for Lakshmi that comes to an end today as the goddess visits her devotees and blesses them with riches and happiness. So it seems that each age group has got their own reason to wait for Diwali and once it arrives, their joy knows no bounds.

So let's celebrate the festival of lights without caring about anything , money, time, commentary or anything else that comes in between.
Have a blast! 

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy- a forgotten legend

Being a bharat ratna awardee ,  the name of Dr. Bidhan chandra roy is forever scripted on the annals of indian history. But apart from this fact , there is more to this man whose application to a medical school in England was rejected no less than  30 times just because he was an Asian.

 There are untold stories with hidden morals which the young generation of today needs to know and admire. Above all, it's important to refresh our memory and take out some time from our busy schedule to remember the man who was gandhiji's personal physician and who believed in doing it to the best of his ability, whatever came his way.

Born in 1882,  to a lady called aghorkamini devi, he would love to try out things for himself and showed signs of a genius right from his childhood days. He loved mathematics and went on to get a degree in the subject. Later he felt he would be better in a medical school and hence joined one. A brilliant student throughout, he sailed to England to earn his MRCP and FRCS . He returned to his motherland to help ease the suffering of his poor and distraught countrymen. He dedicated his all to his country and thus was a true son of bharatmata.
Every other student in india today wants to be a doctor. So to be one and a nice one at that they all should read the biography of Mr.Roy who left us for his ultimate abode long back in 1962 but still watches over the land which he helped reclaim.