Monday, 16 October 2017

I envy that animal

Being envious is a human instinct. We are envious of each other for every possible outcome. In our short stint as an individual we find ample amount of time to be envious but we hardly bother to take a few moments out to ponder over what we can do, so that there is at least one person in this mammoth of a world who is envious of us. We can never spare our colleagues for being successful and we never spare ourselves for being a failure. I have no idea whether the beings on the lower strata of the taxonomical hierarchy stoop so low but I think they do. May be not for being more charming or more yielding but one male surely despises another for the right of a female. I am writing this post to share with you a small but sweet story of a rabbit, yes, a rabbit , however insignificant a creature it may be but one journey in his life changed everything not for him but for me. It made me wonder as to how we need to move out of our environs to see and feel what lies beyond and at the same time how we need to cultivate our own garden for sustaining us in this journey called life. We cannot expect someone else to share their fruits with us and they are not to blame for that. So coming back to the rabbit he was what one would call a munchkin. At just a few months old he had learnt much of what needs to be learnt to survive in this hostile world. He had come to feel of late that he had had enough of his home and that he urgently needs to move out. His mother could see that her son had something in his tiny mind but was hesitant to speak. So one day, while she was putting him to bed, she gently coaxed him to speak out the things that were bothering him these days. Our friend, the rabbit loved his mother more than any amount of cheese,but he felt that it was better to put everything honestly before her. His mother was strong and he knew that. He would have had four siblings had they not died very early in their infancy. But he hardly cared. He was happy to have his mother all to himself. Often he wondered what life would have been like had all his brothers or sisters been alive. TO BE CONTINUED...............

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