Sunday, 29 October 2017

We are like this only

We are a materialistic society. I am saying so because all day and every day I see people which includes me rate persons not on the moral values they possess but on the amount of assets they control. We youngsters cannot get enough of celebrities wearing this and that. With things like the fashion police keeping an eye on us round the clock, it has become so very important for girls especially to be up to date in terms of the latest fashion trends. There are advertisements continuously flashing around us and we cannot help getting tempted to buy them. Our society is far from being moralistic as those who dare to abide by morals are laughed at by people behind their back. Morals are for the weak they say. And nobody wants to be weak. Even the gods do not abide by morals all the time . So why should we? We cannot let go of an easy opportunity which has itself come knocking at our doors just for adhering to morals. My friends, the world simply doesn't function like that. Nobody let's the best man win today. It's I who should win always.
We use every imaginable kind of item for our every body part. We have serums, creams, lotions, toners, moisturisers just for our skin. And the amount of money they cost is an altogether different issue.
We have lipsticks, lip gloss, lip liners all to apply on the lips. Now I would not bore you by reciting the long list of cosmetics we girls and boys too have their own range.

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