Thursday, 19 October 2017

The magic of Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is my current love . I had first made its acquaintance when I was in my first year at medical school . Food at my hostel was close to being labelled terrible. So, I was in search of something on which I could munch on without gaining any kilos. By now,  I have consumed loads of them and do not plan to end any later.
 Dark chocolate has chemo attractants.  Reasons are many. It has cacao which is a berry not widely found in our country . But all the Indian brands of dark chocolate use cocoa instead of cacao , which is a refined product of the original crop. The refining process decreases the nuritious value of the chocolate. But the foreign brands provide cacao anywhere between the range of 55% to 100%. It is advisable to choose a dark chocolate which has a cacao content above 75% as the amount which is not cacao is generally added sugar. Nevertheless, it has great taste to satisfy my taste buds . It has a good amount of antioxidants to keep me younger for longer. It is not that costly , though it depends on the brand you buy.
So from now on I would recommend everyone to serve dark chocolates in parties and other festivities instead of sweets as dark chocolate is a sweet treat with no calories and guilt feeling.

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