Monday, 16 October 2017

Being salman khan

Who does not know salman khan? He is the chic bony lad who preferred the timidity of a shy suman to the showbiz of his father's choice for him. He loves challenges and budges. Life is not as breezy for him as it is for me. A generation has grown up seeing him transition through prem to tiger. Boys and much older men are mad after him. And nothing needs to be said about the fairer gender who consider it a ritual to check through his outgoings on a daily basis. To many in the tinsel town and out of it, he is a boss and he means it. It's not considered wise to get on his wrong side lest he be out of his senses and do the unthinkable.
Even with flaws surmounting many of his contemporaries's, he is a darling figure of the nation , and of the family he adores. Having reached the zenith of maturity, one can do nothing but swoon over his eagerness to lend a helping hand to those who are waiting. Many people, to whom he owes an apology must be silently waiting for it and they must know that it will come , sooner or later.
It's not necessary to meet him in person. It's enough for his fans to see his movies and binge on them as he is that same fearless man on and off screen. He would do nothing for the sake of it but everything for the sake of those who have been at some point of time good to him.
I am thinking as to how to finish off this piece. I want to relive each of his characters from all his movies, good or bad. Yes, there are a number of movies I wonder as to what made him do it.  I am not going to name any of them but I am sure he knows which movies I am talking about.
I am in the medical profession and it's hard to put in words the tedium of this job. I wonder if the media's bad boy could endure it. But what comes as a relief each Sunday when my mom allows me to watch a movie are his films which more often than not leaves an impression for me which I cherish and enjoy for the whole week that follows. So here I take this opportunity to thank bhaijaan for making my stint in a medical college easy . Love you Salman Khan..........

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